About Us

The Gourmet Deli, founded in September 1999 is a culmination of 30 years of ideas and experience. We have successfully combined the traditional New York deli. We have a complete customer mix between a very high paced business lunch crowd, huge following of high school and university students, and some moms and children popping by for a break from their daily routine.

We offer traditional deli fare such as Montreal Smoked Meat and Corned Beef brought in from a deli in downtown Montreal, oven roasted roast beef and turkey to smoked salmon. We offer to our customers the best quality products available today…no preservatives, no processed foods, at the same time, at a fair price.

We also operate the "#1 Restaurant Website in the World" rated by International Webmasters Association. That is #1 out of 18,000 entries. Our asset was our point and click on-line order system "e-meal", as well all the other utilities such as coupons, on-line employment application, various customer survey opportunities, and a complete listing of everything we sell including prices in an easy to operate site. This site is of course www.thegourmetdeli.ca

We survey our customers 4 times per year, continuously receiving feedback from our customers on quality and service issues, as well as finding out more about our clientele and what more we can do to offer new products and services without straying from our original format of The Gourmet Deli.

Based on the original foundations of The Bagel Deli of which I founded in 1999, and through the economies and partnerships that in the end did not work. My new venture will combine the greatness of my past and the new ideas set for today's client.

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